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Are you ready to drop guilt and shame around asking for money for your powerful work or communicating your values, and shift into a confident woman who unapologetically receives riches (spiritual, relational, material) like a Queen?

Are you ready to break free of the chains keeping you trapped in living small, foggy brain, remove the self-sabotaging patterns that keep you in a prison of scarcity, and rise into feminine alignment to live with unshakeable conviction and energy?

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I hesitated for a long time before choosing a coach because I was afraid of investing but frankly go for it girls!

I strongly recommand being coached by Chizu! It saves a lot of time!

Sales horrified me but I sold my first coaching packages thanks to this program and I no longer see it as a burden but as a gift for my clients!

Thank you Chizu for everything you share with us !!

Vanessa L

Coach Naturopathe & Reiki Master

A real professional crush, this is how I qualify my working relationship with Chizu.

I needed to give my business a new direction, continue my personal growth, and dare to create new high-end services.

I was wonderfully served with Chizu’s kindness, intuition, and listening skills. I also appreciated her factual approach of business development!

I made a quantum leap inside and out, reaching my first 5k€ month in a few weeks, which makes me want to shine even more both as a professional and as a Woman!

Annabelle C

Tarot expert & coach

I was driven by a deep desire for transformation and expansion and Chizu appeared as a clear answer to this.

She is a gentle, caring, concerned person who has the power to find and break down our limitations, blockages and fears like no one!

Before, lots of ideas were racing in my mind, but I couldn’t materialize much.

During these few months of coaching, I have carried out several projects. I feel much more confident and heading in the right direction!

Have I experienced the expansion and transformation that I expected? Absolutely, and even more! Thank you Chizu, from the bottom of my heart!

Mathilde R.

Holistic Coach

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Hi, I’m Chizu!
Ph.D. in Biology, Femmepowerment Coach and Master Energy Practitioner & Teacher.
I am a Value Upgrader – specialized in Feminin Empowerment in Business. I help women entrepreneurs value their time, worth and skills to magnetise more clients with clarity and confidence.
I’ve helped hundreds of women for the last 7 years revalue their self-worth on multiple levels and dare to live unapolegitically as they ARE (Atypical, Strong and Soul-driven Women) to create & manifest their desires.
I strongly believe that the Formula of Success lies in deep inner Wisdom and applying proven simple, direct strategies to reach our goal.
It is time to Rise Up to being your Full Self LadyBoss!


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