elevate your innate wisdom power to higher realms & possibilities

the world needs your activated heart and unique codes

Welcome beautiful soul-led woman!

I’m Chizu Sakamoto, PhD.

Master Energy Coach & Teacher, I help Conscious Leaders & Entrepreneurs to break through their glass ceiling and expand their soul-business with more energy, confidence and intuition.

Do you feel like you are a living contradiction right now?

In theory, you have it all (the knowledge, the experience, your current situation…) but you can’t stop feeling that things should be different,.. more exciting, bigger… in short, a reflection of what you are truly capable of?

And you would like to stop feeling guilty about wanting more, because you KNOW you’re here to make a positive impact on your team, your family, those you serve, the world, the people around you…?

And if possible, you would like to have it ALL : the freedom to BE  just as you are, to express yourself unapologitically, to contribute on a large scale, to be very well compensated for sharing your gifts, to have an abundance of time for what/those you like…?

Well, let me tell you that it’s no coïncidence you are here today! because…

You can BE all of this!

My mission is to reconnect you to your innate wisdom & guidance so that you become your own Mentor and achieve your greatest goals, by freeing yourself from your shackles, rediscovering the pleasure in being 100% YOU and creating from this space of Infinite Possibilities.

So are you ready to step into your Next level of Expansion?

Wouldn’t it be nice to silence self-criticism, to dissipate your constant brain fog & feel empowered as soon as you wake up?

 Well the Truth is: ‘YOUR DESIRES ALSO DESIRE YOU’! You deserve to exprience all your desires & you don’t need to chase after them.

 Aligning your life & business to the energy of your desires, your heart & your drive is the path to fullfilment & richness…not only for yourselves but also for others. Why ? Because I truly believe that when a benevolent person acquires ease & flow, they want to share their knowledge & with others.

This is what I call ‘Spreading Abundance’. And start it all with YOU first! 

But achieving your goals and vision will NOT happen just by…

✘ telling you to make a nice dream board and hope that it magically manifests overnight…

 ✘ helping you to ‘think positive’ and ‘stay motivated’ along the way because ‘you need to work hard if you want to get something’….

✘ Giving you a one-fit-for-all strategy that is not personalized to your soul blueprint. Methodology and Structure : Yes. Standardization : No.

My method consists is…

 ✓ Helping you rediscover and affirm what you really want from your work/business & your life so that your daily life and actions reflect this.

 ✓ Bringing light to unconscious patterns that are creating ‘leaks’ in your energy and conviction. Helping you to release them and « reprogram » yourself so that achieving what you want becomes second nature (and not non-stop efforts or struggle). 

✓ Sharing concrete tools to get out of self-sabotage, doubts & mental clutter at any time and regain clarity & creativity to create your new reality.

✓ Deep energetic and vibrational work to make it easier for you to stay on your path & manifest beautiful synchronicities and opportunities in line with your desires.

Working with Chizu was absolute magic!

She has such a graceful presence about her that feels safe and connected. Before working with Chizu I was feeling blocked from exceeding $10k/month in my business.

A few weeks after doing some healing with her, I hit my first $20k month in business, with ease! I have Chizu to thank for that. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Latoya D.

Self-Estime Coach & Boudoir Photographer

A real professional crush, this is how I qualify my working relationship with Chizu.

I needed to give my business a new direction, continue my personal growth, and dare to create new high-end services.

I was wonderfully served with Chizu’s kindness, intuition, and listening skills. I also appreciated her factual approach of business development!

I made a quantum leap inside and out, reaching my first 5k€ month in a few weeks, which makes me want to shine even more both as a professional and as a Woman!

Annabelle C

Tarot expert & Coach

Working with Chizu is such a gift!!

We worked through pain I didn’t even know I was still carrying in my body, clearing blocks that have been preventing me from signing clients for a few weeks now.

She is very soft, calm and kind to work with and she really cares about your healing and growth.

Within a week of working with her I’ve signed 2 new clients into my group program. Everyone should have Chizu in their back pocket.

Taylor C.

Femmebodiment Coach


Abundance is our Natural State!

But we tend to accumulate junk energies and negative thought patterns that prevent us from manifesting our desires.

And the Universe will keep sending us more and more experiences (usually crapy ones) until we release what doesn’t serve us anymore.

The first and powerful step to do that is to get your Energy Shift and Aligned with what you DESIRE (not what you don’t want anymore).

Energy Healing was a key component for me to shift in my business, build the lifestyle I desired, reconnecting to my True Source of Joy.

‘I am abundant because I was born to BE!’
Allow yourself to own that Truth & let your cells get activated by it now.

And to help you embody that even deeper, I created a powerful Frequency Activation for you to receive now:

YOUR free sacred chat

Let’s find out together what is preventing you from stepping up on your highest timeline, breaking through your glass ceiling and creating your dream reality. This is a sacred invitation for a FREE 30-minute call to analyse your frequency, core energy blocks & highest timeline of Freedom & Prosperity.