Hello hello, I’m Chizu! 

I’m a Spiritual Wealth & Expansion Coach and Quantum Healer for Soul-led, Passionate Femmepreneurs desiring more success from their feminine flow, become deliciously magnetic and break through their glass ceilings so that they can literally HAVE IT AL: the material abundance, the empowering relationships, lovely family life, divine free time, etc…

I help my clients tap into their Intuition, uplevel their spiritual gifts and make soul aligned business decisions. The kind of decisions that bring them money in da’ bank 😉 It’s almost like having a magic crystal ball in your back pocket at all times.

As an entrepreneur myself, I had my fair share of going against my intuition & personal zone of genius… and regretting it later. It wasn’t until I started to say ‘YES’ to that intuitive nudge that life became a whole lot easier and I saw my bank account grow. I believe in quick tools to bring your intuition & desires to life, cracking the Manifestation Code with joy and play.

And when I’m not working with my clients, you can find me sipping apple-cinnamon tea in my sofa watching a woo-woo conference (#personaldevjunkie) or a RomCom (who likes korean drama? ^^) next to my fireplace with my hubbie. 

I firmly believe that when a woman allows herself to be Rich in heart, mind, spirit and materially then the World changes even quicklier & more brilliantly around her. So  if this resonates with you, let’s have a divine chat together.

Working with Chizu was absolute magic!

She has such a graceful presence about her that feels safe and connected. Before working with Chizu I was feeling blocked from exceeding $10k/month in my business.

A few weeks after doing some healing with her, I hit my first $20k month in business, with ease! I have Chizu to thank for that. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Latoya D.

Self-Estime Coach & Boudoir Photographer

A real professional crush, this is how I qualify my working relationship with Chizu.

I needed to give my business a new direction, continue my personal growth, and dare to create new high-end services.

I was wonderfully served with Chizu’s kindness, intuition, and listening skills. I also appreciated her factual approach of business development!

I made a quantum leap inside and out, reaching my first 5k€ month in a few weeks, which makes me want to shine even more both as a professional and as a Woman!

Annabelle C

Tarot expert & Coach

Working with Chizu is such a gift!!

We worked through pain I didn’t even know I was still carrying in my body, clearing blocks that have been preventing me from signing clients for a few weeks now.

She is very soft, calm and kind to work with and she really cares about your healing and growth.

Within a week of working with her I’ve signed 2 new clients into my group program. Everyone should have Chizu in their back pocket.

Taylor C.

Femmebodiment Coach