Chizu SAKAMOTO is a Female Empowerment Coach & Master Energy Healer specialized in subconscious & quantum reprogramming, cellular memory liberation & soul blueprint reconnection.

For more than 8 years, she has been helping business owners, feminine leaders and managers tap into their intuitive wisdom, their gifts & their sacred fire in order to create the life and business they desire.

As a former PhD in Biology, she deeply understands how much a strong mind can be both a driving force and a real obstacle. Especially when it comes to bringing more consciousness and intuition on a daily basis instead of “logic” that keeps us circling into fears… or when we aim to live abundantly from our passion instead of the ‘reasonable’ career path which no longer resonates…

Her desire to understand the Human Mind, the games of Ego and Soul in personal & material Growth, led her to reactivate her Ancient Knowledge. She is now devoted to teaching a concrete and accessible form of spirituality, which makes every woman more and more self-confident, free and abundant.

She firmly believes that when a woman allows herself to be Rich in heart, mind, spirit and materially then the World changes even more quickly & brilliantly around her.

Working with Chizu was absolute magic!

She has such a graceful presence about her that feels safe and connected. Before working with Chizu I was feeling blocked from exceeding $10k/month in my business.

A few weeks after doing some healing with her, I hit my first $20k month in business, with ease! I have Chizu to thank for that. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Latoya D.

Self-Estime Coach & Boudoir Photographer

A real professional crush, this is how I qualify my working relationship with Chizu.

I needed to give my business a new direction, continue my personal growth, and dare to create new high-end services.

I was wonderfully served with Chizu’s kindness, intuition, and listening skills. I also appreciated her factual approach of business development!

I made a quantum leap inside and out, reaching my first 5k€ month in a few weeks, which makes me want to shine even more both as a professional and as a Woman!

Annabelle C

Tarot expert & Coach

Working with Chizu is such a gift!!

We worked through pain I didn’t even know I was still carrying in my body, clearing blocks that have been preventing me from signing clients for a few weeks now.

She is very soft, calm and kind to work with and she really cares about your healing and growth.

Within a week of working with her I’ve signed 2 new clients into my group program. Everyone should have Chizu in their back pocket.

Taylor C.

Femmebodiment Coach