your advanced MENTORship to

activate your inner creatrix that expands her empire of light with ease & grace

Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel that you were born to leave a positive impact on the world by enriching others through Conscious awareness, opportunities for Growth, deep and meaningful Human Values?

Do you feel that you’re truly gifted and excel in what you do. You’re ready to bring more transformation & enlightenment in this World and create a true Empire of Light … but something is holding you back?

You have travelled so far on your path already, accomplished so much with your business already (even if you haven’t acknowledged it yet)…

You’ve trained and studied all there is to know in personal growth & business development – in true “intellectual” fashion – and now that you’re in the process of digesting all these marketing tips and “ 6 figure income” formulas…

You’ve come to realise these one-size-fits-all strategies are not bringing you what you wanted… feeling unfulfilled.


You’ve learned all there is to learn through workshops and training.

You’ve written out all the plans and the to-do lists…

Because you’ve felt a call to embody something GREATER for some time now and you’ve dedicated yourself to the task.

But now, you don’t know focus your energy on… with all that you’ve gathered to give your business the boost and new beginning you and your beautiful power crave for.

You’re so excited about it ALL, ready to give your best

And yet, you’re holding back and hitting the breaks, for no appearant reason.

So many contradictions…

All pointing out one thing…


Your are Ready for your Next

Quantum Leap

Of course you are!

You can feel it deep in your soul:

This moment of resistance, of inner conflict announcing the dawn of a new age…

Yes, you’re ready to earn what you’re worth for all the good you bring your clients.

You’re ready to embrace freedom through more free time, more energy and income so you can fulfil your heart’s desires such as:

➳ Leading conferences or immersive workshops with the world – Oh, why not finally write this book you’ve dreamed of and help inspire so many?!

➳ Organise spiritual retreats or even co-create events to help mind, body and soul to recharge

➳ Open your first online school, or this other project and offering that’s been tugging at the back of your soul for years now…

But above all

➳ You WANT to be FREE. Free to choose, free to express your true & authentic self, free in your financial decisions, free from the constraints of time & space (location), free to be joyful…

Free to embrace complete FREEDOM.

➳ You WANT to spend quality time with your loved ones by handling your business like a bossbabe and a goddess… Perhaps even reaching this learning by accepting to delegate and spread the workload …

However, as soon as you start working on EXPANDING your business and power, your mind gets in the way, leaving you stuck in the brainfog of a lifetime…

I fully understand you. Truly. I do.

becauseI    too have suffered at the hands of those doubts


Like you, I have had this feeling of being stuck trying to solve a puzzle, pulling my hair as I scrambled for the missing piece…

Knowing deep down that I didn’t need yet another magical strategy but still going for it because my mind needed a ‘rational and proven’ approach above trusting my gut-feelings & that I had everything inside myself already…


How did I came to finally realize this?

Because I nearly shut down my business completely a few years ago…

I started my entrepreneurial adventure in 2014 with the burning desire to help others with my skills and my gift of empathy, simultaneously seeking freedom.

I left the Scientific Research industry shortly after achieving a PhD in Biology and spending a few years building up my profile working in a lab so I could pursue this call to help HUMANITY.

However, I did not turn to a coach or a mentor to guide me as I kickstarted my business…

And, because I am hyperactive and hyper-curious and passionate, I DEVOURED every single course and training I could find on top of my degree in Sports Nutrition:

Naturopathy, energy therapy (Reiki, LaHoChi, EFT…), business development, yoga, ayurvedic nutrition, entrepreneurship, micro and phytonutrition, lithotherapy, life coaching…

Long story short, I trained as much in natural and holistic medicine, physiology and spirituality as in the more pragmatic sciences.

I went all in. ^^

(Pretty sure I’m not the only one to devour training courses… right?)

But despite all this…

I burned out after 3 years of constantly trying all the tips and tricks to develop my business into a prosperous affair.

I was not living from my business when I was charging 80€ per session.

(That number sounded HUGE to me at the time…)

But nothing ever came through… And I started questioning myself, my abilities, my rates… pretty much everything.

To the point where I asked myself: « Are you really cut out for this job? »

And then, looking at my income I realised, I was left with 2 choices:

Either giving up  on my business… or push through?

If there was room for negotiation, I wouldn’t have known because

every fiber of my being screamed « There is no way I give up on my dream & soul-calling »!

I carry on!

EVEN BETTER: I’m ready to level up.

« Yes, I’m choosing my Highest Timeline of Flow right now! »

Because the Truth was…

✘I didn’t want to want to be a tool kit anymore, and yearned to take on my role as a Feminine Energy Coach and let all my knowledge speak through me…

By being 100% myself with all the the tools that were helping my clients achieve deep transformations.

But I didn’t have a blueprint on how to achieve that…

And didn’t know if I was capable of such a feat.

✘Not including the fact that at the time, I kept my “spiritual/new-age” side hidden away because I came from a world of science and pragmatic solutions…

Listening to my emotions and my body? Vibration work?…

Oh, the fear of being judged was very very strong!

The Shift Starts

when you choose yourself

𓆸 The major shift happened when I decided that I DESERVED to hire incredible coaches so I could always stay connected and true to my heart and my Essence, be it in life or in business.

I had persuaded myself that I never had the money to invest…

but my will to serve others and contribute to their heart projects and dreams was ultimately stronger than my fears.

This is how I CHOSE myself and went back to a part-time job so I could invest in myself and build the blueprints for a sustainable business.

Since then, I have been investing in myself and my business regularly, granting more values and transformative power to my clients as I grew.

𓆸 I have made peace and reconciled myself with the value of my coaching and with money so I could create high end offers with powerful transformational potential to my clients, with so much enthusiasm because of being in a position to give them the best while doing what I love most in the world.

I quickly signed contracts worth thousands of euros and guided other therapists & coaches on the same path until I finally made it my new calling:

That of accompanying women on the path of thriving & fulfilling entrepreneurship.

And nowadays,

𓆸 I earn thousands to do what I love most in the world.

𓆸 I am regularly invited to share my passion and knowledge, to demystify energy work and include it in business development & our daily life.

And I work with the most extraordinary clients:

dedicated to connecting even deeps to their Soul Mission & devoted to their growth, not only business-wise but also to their personal & spiritual expansion!

𓆸 My business allows me to work anywhere! I was able to move into a beautiful house in the countryside (simple pleasures) so I could escape the noise and high-paced life of the city (and my 55m2) and live my life in peace and tranquillity.

𓆸 I am overjoyed that through my business, I can partner up with other incredible and inspirational female entrepreneurs, and kick-ass assistants who help me in handling the day to day tasks, and passionate service providers to whom I happily delegate my workload allowing me to create even more FREE time.

➳ The more I have fun and take pleasure in what I do, the more value I bring others and transform their lives to the core

➳ The more I earn, the more freedom and time I spend with my family, my man, my friends and myself without ever feeling guilty.

➳ The more I am myself, and fuel my gifts and passion, the more I help my clients to create a fulfilling life and a thriving business equal to their authenticity and uniqueness.

And I’m so honoured to share my Mission with you today, as…


It is my mission to activate your Expansion Codes and to help you break through your own glass ceiling.


If when reading these words, you feel you inner fire lightening up and a powerful call to embody ALL THAT YOU ARE right in this moment, then this is the signal you’ve been waiting for.

Book your FREE Exploration Call with me and let’s have a heart-to-hear chat together about what’s holding you back from jumping to your highest abundance timeline accessible to you right now:  


I am upmost grateful for the experience I’ve had working with Chizu.

Through her laser sharp focus and guidance I was able to easily access my subconscious beliefs and connect the dots from previous experiences, people, places, and behaviors that I was allowing to hold me back from showing up authentically on camera and putting my work out into the world.

Today I am able to view creating content as exciting, fun, and able to express my thoughts and creative ideas with more clarity and ease thanks to Chizu.

Gina M.

Sacred Cycles Embodiment Coach

Working with Chizu was absolute magic!

She has such a graceful presence about her that feels safe and connected. Before working with Chizu I was feeling blocked from exceeding $10k/month in my business.

A few weeks after doing some healing with her, I hit my first $20k month in business, with ease! I have Chizu to thank for that.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Latoya D.

Boudoir Photographer & Self-Confidence Coach

Working with Chizu is such a gift!!

We worked through pain I didn’t even know I was still carrying in my body, clearing blocks that have been preventing me from signing clients for a few weeks now.

She is very soft, calm and kind to work with and she really cares about your healing and growth. Within a week of working with her I’ve signed 2 new clients into my group program.

Everyone should have Chizu in their back pocket.

Taylor C.

Feminine Emboldiment Coach

co~create in a powerful transformational vortex

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to help you

𓆸 Release the shame, guilt or fear of radiating your innate power & proudly create an Empire of Light that nourishes your soul, and your bank account, by upleveling your relationship with divine money and harmonize your divine service codes with your heat’s sacred ambitions;

𓆸 Release the recurring patterns that keeps emprisoned in loops of scarcity, fear or unworthiness &  Activate your Divine Empress Codes to claim your best life, the freedom, the aligned partners & relationship,… your Heaven on Earth;

𓆸 Deploy unparalleled inner-strength by listening to your shadows, your ego (which only wishes you good) and all the innate Wisdom you have to body-heart-mind-vibration Alignment. Both your Consciousness & Business rise into 5D magnetizing your heart’s desires;

𓆸 Embody the confident, visionary, serene Creatix version of you that creates her dream life and the New Earth effortlessly. Your inner fire is activated and your Soul-Mission is lit. You embody your message with passion & pleasure and claim your voice with conviction magnetizing your soulmate clients.


it is Time to Open Up to your Highest Timeline &

become your own mentore

with a Premium 3-6 month 5D Quantum Mentorship Program


Book your divine chat & let’s explore your core energetic blocks & what highest timeline is available for you

This program is for you if:

* You are 100% devoted to yourself & committed to allow yourself to flow through the inner-work/-play that your soul requires and take the aligned actions to create the success you seek and reach your goals.

* You already know a lot about classic business development, marketing, communication… What you want now is to access your own formula of prosperity with greater awerness & heart consciousness.

* You are ready to step into your greatness, sharing your soul gifts & allowing yourself to create the Abundance of time & energy to enjoy your life and the freedom you dreamed of when you started your business.

* You understand the value of having a mentor who can help you step into your greatness and help you break down the barriers that are keeping you from reaching the level of success & income you desire.

* You are tired of aiming small and hiding your light (for fear of being too much) questioning yourself all the time. You’re ready to say what’s on your mind by detaching yourself from what everyone else thinks & you’re ready to sell the programs that really suit you (not what you think you « have to offer for people to buy »).


Who is this program Not for?

This program is not for you if:

* You don’t want to devote yourself  your personal growth & to the success of your 5D business in the coming months.

* You are not ready to make a powerful mindset shift or the necessary inner transformation that comes with expanding a divine service business.

* You want a method where you are told what to do and where you are held by the hand without taking the initiative to move forward.

* You are not open to remote energy/quantum work & spirituality in general.

* You sell physical products or are in a network marketing business only. (You must be able to offer a coaching or consulting service.)

If so, I hope you find the coach that suits you best. With all my love, Chizu.